Tuesday, September 19, 2006


As of last week, I am now the new employee of Starbucks. I start my new job on Thursday. Basically, this part-time job will enable me to get out into the community and meet some people. Since we have moved to Lexington, it has been hard to meet people. The normal places that we would meet new friends, don't really exist for us. Normally, we would meet people at work or church, but here those place are a zero. Working from home, I have been able to get better acquinted with Mel, but not really any other friends. At church we have friends, but they are the friends we brought with us from VABeach. Pray that this job at Starbucks would be bigger than just making money.

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dwilson said...

Good to hear that you were able to get a job at Starbucks. We will be praying that it is a good place for out reach. Oh, we got our new Dog--Lionel