Monday, October 30, 2006


Last Tuesday, Melody and I drove to Georgia, so that Melody could stay with her parents while I was in Colorado. On Wed I flew out of Atlanta to Denver, only to surprise my dad. He has been telling me not to come, but when I got here, I could tell that he was excited that I was here.
The chemo has gone well so far. He has only been sick three times in eleven days. Most of the time it was after breakfast, which I reassured him that even I feel nocuous after breakfast. This week will conclude his first round of chemo. The chemo has caused a few side effects such as diabetes as well as his vision is blurred. More than getting sick, I think that the blurred vision has been the worst thing for him. He is frustrated that he can’t read his Bible. This weekend we were watching football, and he had to keep asking what the score was, or what the time was, and so on.
My dad’s spirits have been good. He recognizes that this is a trial from God and therefore it is only God who will get him through this. Whoever calls the hospital, my dad simply asks for prayer. He is confident that this is going to be a testimony of God’s power as a witness to his unsaved family.
Pray for continued health as he finishes this round of chemo. Pray for his blood counts to quickly go back up so that he can come home. Pray for his continued reliance on God. I take great comfort in the fact that God is sovereign and that He does whatever He wants. God’s sovereignty does not keep me from prayer, but pushes me to have faith in the One who knows my prayers even before they are spoken.


Jeremy said...


Hey, I've been meaning to call you, but since I'm on your website and saw your latest comments, I figured I'd post instead. Sarah and I are praying for your dad. I'm thankful to hear that both you and your dad are both trusting in a God who is completely sovereign over all things. Yet at the same time it is His goodness that ensures us that in His sovereignty, He will never treat us spitefully, no matter how hard the blow may seem for the moment.
Let your dad know that we're thinking of him. We trust we'll soon hear of his recovery, and hope that in the end we'll rejoice in the ways by which Christ was glorified through it all.

Chad said...

Good thing one of my roommates was a diabetic, because the chemo has caused my dad to be a temporary diabetic. I have been able to use some the things that you taught me to help him. Thank you for the prayers, I will send your thoughts to him.