Thursday, November 09, 2006

Going Home

Today my dad is going home from the hospital after 23 days. After finishing his first round of chemo, he is doing well and anticipating the same success with the second and third round. Please continue to pray for him.

Yesterday, it was refreshing to hear him talk about the opportunities that he has had to share Christ with friends and family. We pray that these seeds planted would grow and that someones world would be rocked because of another man's trial. We have taken great faith in the idea that God will receive glory through our families hardship.


dwilson said...

This is great to hear Chad. Tell your dad we are still praying for him.

G said...

Very happy to hear the news, Chad. I remember watching Adam going through chemo, and it is no picnic. We'll continue praying.

jeileenbaylor said...

We're so glad to hear the news. I know it will be so good for him to be back home.