Friday, June 22, 2007

Big Day

Thursday seemed to be a day of real evaluation. Dad's condition has not been any better and we are now coming upon one week. The doctors notified us that they would like to take another CT scan on Friday morning and then meet with us between 12 and 1pm. Our suspicion is that if there has not been any change in the CT, they are going to want us to make a decision to pull him off of support. Generally, three doctors don't call a conference unless there is a major decision they want the family to make. My sister, mom, Melody, and I discussed the possible outcomes of today and are willing to do whatever is best for dad. If there is no chance for meaningful life, we would rather let him go. Last night, we prayed for miracle today in his CT.

Continue to pray for that miracle! Pray for us as we meet with the doctors today. Pray that we would have the strength to still give God thanks and praise, no matter the outcome of today.

I found my dad's bible open to where he had been reading. It seems like he was reading the Psalms. They seem pretty highlighted, but where he stopped was Psalm 23. Like dad, let us let the Psalm 23:6 be our comfort today,
"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my like and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."


Anonymous said...

All of you are in our prayers all day today.

Ron , Carole, Judy, Margie and everyone we know

Anonymous said...

You have my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you and your family.


Mat and Sumi Thomas said...
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Mat and Sumi Thomas said...


Your dad is an awesome man of God!!! Because of the emotions I know you are feeling, we are praying for God's love and peace upon you and your familiy.


Mat, Sumi and Dylan

Conleys said...

We haven't had a chance to comment yet, but have been reading the updates on your dad and wanted to let you all know that we are praying for God's grace and peace for your family.

Nate, Kris & Adrianna said...

Hey, guys, just wanted you to know that we're praying for you both and for your dad. We're so sorry to hear about his lack of progress. But it's so encouraging to see the grace that the Lord is giving you all. We'll keep you in our prayers.
Nate and Kris