Wednesday, September 19, 2007

D-Day is Coming

No this has nothing to do with Normady, but Mel's due date is Sunday. Mel has done absolutely everything to make the baby come early. Monday, the girls from church bought Mel a one hour prenatal massage. Tuesday, Mel cleaned the house and walked the mall. Today, we go to the doctor and hopefully they will say, "Let's get it out."

Something that we have been talking about is how unpredictable the delivery is. We have a Bible study that meets at our house on Wednesday nights. Rather than canceling them all for the next month, while we wait for the baby, we need to continue with business as usual. If you are in our study, don't worry, we have a backup plan to continue meeting even if we are at the hospital.


Henseler Family said...

Hi Chad and Mel! I've been checking your blog quite often as I'm anxious to know not only when you have the baby but the GENDER!!!! Hope you all are doing well. We miss you guys! By the way, the nursery is beautiful but I would have expected nothing less from you two! Love, Becca (and Ed and Alexandra and Baby Girl #2)

anne said...

Dance party! Dance party!