Monday, October 22, 2007

My Life with a One-Month Old

Okay, so I'm AWFUL at posting on our blog, but mainly because I can never remember my login info. So, I gave up and am posting under Chad! I'm sure he will be thrilled (ah, the wondrous beauty of computers automatically logging you in!).

Juliana is officially one-month old today, and I have a hard time remembering what life was like one month and one day ago. I do remember my baseboards being dust-free and the bottoms of my toilets being scrubbed. I also remember my dishwasher being loaded and unloaded promptly. I remember blow-drying and fixing my hair every day. I remember staying awake at night at least long enough to tell Chad goodnight. I can even remember going weeks without having an emotional melt-down.

Oh, but life is good now. Instead of always waking up to a spotless kitchen, I now wake up to my sweet baby girl's smiles. Instead of having my hair perfectly done everyday, I now get to play dress-up with Juliana. Instead of scrubbing toilets, I now scrub spit-up off my clothes. And even though I don't always tell Chad goodnight, I do enjoy sweet times with Juliana during our 3 am feedings.

In spite of having perfect parents, Juliana is not a perfect child. For some reason, last night she did not understand that we wanted to watch the Transformers movie without her screaming. Go figure. Like her mother, she gets cranky when she's tired. While I dream about nap-times, she usually fights going down for her naps. I must say, though, that she has been a WONDERFUL night sleeper, only getting up once or twice to eat. She definitely still loves to eat and continues to fill out her clothes. She started smiling last weekend (yes, REAL smiles at 3 weeks!), and they continue to increase each day. Overall, Juliana is a very contented baby. And even though I now have to make time every day to at least put on some make-up to hide the circles under my eyes, I am loving this life that God has given us. I take great solace in knowing my sovereign God has placed this child, with all her ups and downs, in our lives, and He will equip us to raise her for the glory of His Name. Praise be to our Jehovah God.


Rgomez2691 said...

Julianna is sure getting big and looks beautiful. We know she's bringing you much joy and a myriad of smiles.

anne said...

Sweet post Mel. It will be so crazy to read this 5, 10, 30 years from now when she is even more grown up.
She is growing up too fast! You guys are doing an amazing job, and she could not be any cuter! Love that girl!...and you guys too ! :)