Monday, February 11, 2008

Remember When Mondays

I want to start a new series called "Remember When." I was talking to my friend G this week and he reminded me of a remember when. Remember when I had an awesome VW Bus named Lola. Ahhh, I miss Lola. Anyone who knew me then, knew that Lola was my life. We use to cruise down to the beach in Lola, ride around VB in Lola, listen to the sounds of horns honking as jealous men gave me "thumbs up." Oh and there was the trying times in our relationship. Being broken down, not having any brakes, no AC. All in all, Lola still has a place in my heart! She was there when Melody and I first met. Through that rocky first month, it was Lola that set me straight into realizing Mel was the one. It was from Lola that I called Mel's dad to ask if I could date his daughter. And it was in Lola that I realized it was time to grow up and pass on my dream to another.


anne said...

Remeber when... you wore that sweatshirt last week?
Remember were nice?
Remember met Justin and Anne and your life was forever changed for the better!?
Remember owned Radical Reformation?

besides all that...LOLA rocks. I miss my old V-dub too...I had a black jetta...loved that baby.

jeremy brown said...

Yes! Those WERE the days. Man, i still remember the sound of that bus! Who'd you wind up selling it too anyway?
BTW, the real sweet car is that white Honda that's barely visible on the extreme right side of the top picture. I was really bummed about having to let that one go!
Hope you guys are doing well.