Tuesday, March 04, 2008

for the love of coffee

Everyone who knows us, knows how much we love coffee in our house. Not only does the aroma linger from our kitchen, but we have pictures and emblems on the wall to remind us of how great it is. Funny thing is that our friends, Justin and Anne, also love coffee and have pictures of it on the wall as well.

Anyway, my love for coffee has inspired me to talk about my love for Starbucks. A few weeks ago, many of you know that all of the Sbux stores nationwide shutdown for training. First, it is great to have Howard Schultz back as CEO of Sbux. Second, I appreciate his incentive to make sure that the final product that we hand to a customer, not only reflects good beans, but good barista skills. Third, I appreciate the work that Sbux does to find the best beans. Sbux does not buy the same beans that Folgers and McDonalds do, but only buys the best beans at higher than market value. If you ever wonder why Sbux is more expensive, it is because the product took more effort and money to buy. Along with that, Sbux takes care of its farmers by giving them loans, building hospitals and schools in third world countries, and not buying beans off of the “black market.”
Those of you who love coffee as we do, understand that it is not simply about the value, but about the flavor of the best cup of coffee!


anne said...

Oh yeah it's my birthday...I made the Mondragon blog...heehee.
You know what really annoys me? When people say "UGH! Starbucks over roasts their beans, the coffee taste burnt."
Obviously these people grew up on Foldgers. This is all I can conclude. While I will agree that Sbux coffee is an aquired love... as it is strong, it is good coffee.

Chad said...

We need to educate them on the Sbux Roast. One of these days we will dedicate a post to the Swansons (probably only Just).

jeileenbaylor said...

Great to hear those wonferful things about the company, especially since our family is a part of it now too :o)
Thanks for sharing!