Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Juliana plus one

The month of April was probably our busiest all year! Now that life has settled a bit, it is time for an overdue update.

Juliana is now seven months old and FULL of personality! Whenever we take her out anywhere, she acts like she is in a parade and everyone around is there to look and ooh and awe over her. She is definitely a charmer! We have so much fun just watching her, simply because she's a little crazy. She has not yet started to crawl, but she never just sits still. Juliana will try to pull herself up and "wallow" all over you. She is not yet saying "ma-ma" or "da-da," but the kid never shuts up really. Right now she is really into making this growling type of noise, which she alternates with high-pierced shrieks. Quite fun.

Juliana had her six-month check-up last week, even though she is seven months. She is still in the 75% for her height, but her weight dropped from the fiftieth to the tenth percentile (she only weights 14 lbs, 11 oz. which is one pound more than two months ago). I was quite shocked, because I thought she was really starting to chub up. I told the doctor she really does eat A LOT! Oh well, right now she seems to be putting all her growth into her height (that is definitely Carver, not Mondragon!). Oh -- her hair also continues to get lighter and lighter. Definitely not Mondragon hair.

In April we also let the cat out of the bag -- we are expecting the next baby Mondragon! This baby will be born either late Oct. or early Nov., so the two babies will be about thirteen months apart! We are very excited about this, although I am sure we will be quite busy come late fall! Of course, we are divided -- Chad wants a boy and I want another girl! We are so very thankful for this second little miracle!


Travis and Becky said...

yippeee!!! congratulations!! =) praise the Lord for his precious gifts to us. by the way, kara (our second) is 11 months old and has just started crawling in the last 2 weeks or so, and she doesn't say ANYTHING intelligible yet. i think she's just a little laid back and doesn't care too much. she's super happy, so that's all i care about =) love you guys!

Katie Barker said...

Congrats - that's so exciting. I'm glad that I was close in age to my brother (17 mo.) apart! We always had someone to play with.

S&s said...

We are so excited for you all! That is wonderful news! Hope that you are feeling well, Melody!

anne said...

So excited about babe #2...well on your way to catching up with us :)
ps- whats with the lack of posts?
I expected better from you guys.

Christine Sweet said...

hey, awesome news guys! having kids is one of God's most unbelievable gifts! And hey, I'm with you Mel on wanting another girl... I did too until I got pregnant and then wanted a boy... which is what we're having.... as you both well know it will be amazing news either way! God has great things in mind! Blessings to the Mondragons!