Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Okay, confession time. Sometimes I'm nothing more than a *blog lurker.* I justify in my mind that I have too much to do to spend time writing on all the blogs I peruse -- but now I can't anymore. I have been in love with this blog for quite some time now, admiring all the greatness that it holds -- and the free giveaways. For some reason, I've never taken the time to enter, but now I decided I will after all. This talented mom is an amazing seamstress (I keep telling myself one day I'll be there!) and gives away her creations. This week is a simply delicious little outfit that makes me yearn even more for fall. Click on the link to see it -- you'll be hooked!

Apple Orchard Overalls GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

In other totally unrelated news, I have hit the 30-week mark of this pregnancy ... yahoo!!!! I have already started all my "nesting" projects and can't wait to meet this little one. Chad and I go back and forth on whether we'll add more pink to our home or blue. I am pretty much carrying the exact same way (except I feel bigger this time -- but of course, my body only had about 4.5 months to recover before it started changing again), the heartbeat is the same as Juliana's was, but this baby moves ALL over the place!

Juliana is starting to walk, which we didn't think she'd be able to do on her tiny little feet! I think she is finally going to outgrow her size 1 shoes by her first birthday! Still not much hair, unfortunately, but that little girl has loads of personality -- she is learning just how loud she can be these days. Chad and I just love to sit and watch her play sometimes. She is also finally getting more teeth -- she's only had two since 6 months. We like to joke that she also takes after her Meme Patty Burtch in her sleeping habits -- this kid LOVES to sleep. At least once a week she will sleep in til 9 or 10 am ... very nice for mama's to-do list!

Finally, this Sunday we have our Grand Opening Service at church. We will be canvassing the surrounding neighborhoods this week to let families know we are new to the area. We are praying for a great crowd and planning to have no extra seats!!!


Travis and Becky said...

all of this is great news!! we're excited for your new baby too...can't wait to see pictures. and also for your big church service this weekend! praying for you.

Melody said...

Thanks guys! It is such a sweet phase of life that we're in, very busy, but very sweet. We are expecting great things for this weekend -- however God chooses to accomplish them!

anne said...

woo-hoo for 30 weeks! I'm probably measuring 30 weeks...I sure feel like it. :)
thanks too for addicting me to yet another blog. Her stuff is SO sweet...every last piece. She is way talented...maybe one day I will practice a bit more and get into sewing....now that I have no car, it could be a good time to start. :)
Woo-hoo for church growth too. I met the husband of a new couple last night when I ran into Chad at the Bucks.
Can't wait to see you and Ju-ju!