Friday, December 12, 2008


First, let's clarify. We are still alive, and yes, despite the lack of pictures and updates, we still have a new baby. Oh yes, we are adoring parents of two gorgeous daughters. We relished in that feeling of euphoria in bringing home a newborn. We loved the surprise of announcing a second daughter. We even loved finally deciding on a name.

Then the
vicious and relentless guest known as *reality* came to stay. For this child, reality came cloaked in something the medical world has termed "colic." Something so vague and non-descript that there really is no real definition. All it means is that my baby cries. A LOT. And not just cries, but screams. A LOT. Yes, God, in His sovereignty, decided to graciously give us a high needs baby. I tried to convince Him that I'm really not that strong, but He is wiser and seems to think we can handle it. Funny, huh? We noticed right away how much fussier Addie was than Juliana was. Addie would pretty much only sleep if being held, and would only stay asleep if being held. Mercifully, she did great at night. Then, just when I thought things were already hard, the nighttime screaming started. For no reason.

Thankfully, the days have gotten a little easier since I made the *flip.* Yes, Addie sleeps on her tummy during the day. It is the only way I have been able to put her down and try to take care of the rest of life. I haven't made the switch yet at night because she still does okay, although she has been sleeping in our bed quite a bit. I do call her my Jekyll and Hyde baby because she is pretty mellow and so sweet during the day. She is incredibly smiley and is already quite the talker. Pure sweetness. Until the evening, that is.

Juliana is also the picture of pure sweetness, unless she is bothered by her molars coming in, which, ironically, happens to be now. Overall, she has done beautifully filling her role of big sister. She loves to give Addie kisses and loves to pat her on the back when she is crying. Juliana is also becoming more of a helper, and she now loves to go get her own diaper when it is time for changing. This kid is so crazy and has so much energy - she is a laughing, dancing machine.

All in all, having two babies to care for has not been the greatest challenge. Having a very demanding newborn is what makes the process difficult. I just try to survive each day, and hope that the next day will be better.


skB said...

oh, I will be praying for you as the Lord brings you to my mind Melody!!!

It was really good to catch up with you through this post!

Merry Christmas to you guys!

Katie Barker said...

Thanks for your transperancy Melody - to good to hear about your faith mixing with the reality of life.

juliechall said...

It's good to hear from you Melody. I often wonder what it will be like to go for the second child. I'm sure there are a lot of mixed up emotions, but I know each life is such a gift. My mom always tells me to remember that every stage is temporary. It seems like good advice :) Thinking of you guys...have a great Christmas,

jeileenbaylor said...

They are both just gorgeous! I am sorry that things have been so hard. I agree- thank you for your honesty. We will be praying for you in your journey! May God's strength be with you!

Jane said...

As soon as you get her in the baby sling I made, she will sigh and be totally peaceful for you. . . I hope!
We'll be seeing you soon.
Jane Swanson

You might like to read this article by Noel Piper called "Burping Baby Jesus"

akhughes said...

I think a colicky baby is what every mom dreads!! I hope that God gives Addie grace and peace in her little life and hopeully you too!

Nilamani Das said...

Esra foto es la mejor de todas las de tu blog. Felicitaciones!!!