Wednesday, February 04, 2009

for my *southern* friends

If you know me at all, you know I grew up in Georgia and I HATE cold weather ... especially cold weather that brings snow and ice. Ugh. Kentucky has been in the news all week because of the massive ice and snow storm that hit. Yep, it got us too. Thankfully we never lost our power! I know this is nothing like MckMama and her MSC face in the frozen tundraland up north, but wow -- it is cold. Yesterday we got hit with ANOTHER round of snow -- 3.5 inches worth! Today, the high is in the teens and the wind chill is in the negative digits. I briefly contemplated letting Juliana "play" in the snow on the deck, until I remembered how cold it is outside. Oh darn.
Here is my attempt at "shoveling" snow. I got so hot this morning cleaning and baking (chocolate chip cookie dough brownies ... sinfully delicious ... thanks Bakerella!) that I didn't mind. Joey hates to walk in the snow and since it is so deep he refuses to go to the yard to do his *business* ... so I thought I'd help him out.
Yes, there is still a sheet of ice underneath.
Here is a picture to bring some warmth (in addition to the thought of those delightful brownies cooling on my counter)...


skB said...

okay, I have to admit to the sin of jealousy!
#1) of the brownies. . .do they send well? ? ?:)

#2) of the snow. . .we were supposed to get some snow today. . .would have loved a snow day! :)

jeileenbaylor said...

haha - looks a little like Chicago :)

Curlyqfun said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow. We had a winter storm unlike any in many years here over the Christmas Holidays.
I do not miss all that snow!

Stay warm.

Curlyqfun said...

You've been tagged! Go check out my blog to see.