Monday, July 06, 2009

Mystery of the Lions

We had a great day in Louisville as a family on Friday. When we returned home on Friday night, I caught a glimps of something weird in my yard as we were coming closer to the house. So I turned into the street before our house to see what was in our backyard. Melody and I cracked up laughing to see two lion statues sitting on our deck.
The funny thing is that on Sunday, in the middle of church it hit me..."I have seen those lions before." Then the mystery was over. Our friends Herb and Leslie just bought a house in Paris, KY and these were on their front entry. I forgot that Herb and Josh Marlowe were in town on Friday and Josh knew we were gone since he and I were unable to hang out. Very funny!!!


Anonymous said...

Paint them matte black to match that deck because they are keepers

Courtney Fisk said...

that's awesome!