Friday, February 26, 2010

Broken Bones and Babies

Our household has been in a constant flurry for the past two months. Two days after Chad returned from a trip to Colorado in January, he fell, broke his leg, and was in surgery the next morning … to be on crutches for four weeks! Not that this in and of itself is the end of the world, but remember that at this time I was VERY pregnant with our third child (Juliana not even 2.5 yet and Addie just 15 months) and we live 30-45 minutes from town and all our friends. AWESOME.

Yet as I write this now, Chad is driving the girls down to meet my parents, who have so graciously offered to let them visit for the week. The cast is off and the crutches are gone – all that remains is a walking boot. There is a three-week old chubby-cheeked little boy sleeping away in the baby Papasan chair. And we are moving to Colorado in a week … A WEEK! God has so mercifully carried us through the difficult weeks that now lay behind us. And when I say mercifully, I mean MERCIFULLY. He is so patient … and His mercies are indeed new every morning. Here are a few lessons learned from this particular trial:

Our Savior, Redeemer, and Friend Jesus Christ is indeed ENOUGH. I remember so vividly sitting in the waiting room during Chad’s surgery, feeling VERY alone. The surgery started much later than anticipated, and the hours kept ticking away. Finally, I was the only one left … the girls were with our dear friends, but I had to keep calling and make sure they could stay just a little longer. The burden I felt at that moment was tremendous, but God’s Word never fails and comforted me.

Chad and I really do like each other. Love each other. After four weeks of being at home together non-stop – him dealing with an injury and me being very emotional – we are happy to report that still get along great … still enjoy each other’s company … still want to spend time together…still make each other laugh. God is good.

While not my first choice, I can be a pioneer woman/supermom mix. I didn’t know how I would manage taking care of both girls by myself and taking care of everything at home, but somehow we managed. AND … I learned that I can even bring in firewood and sweep snow while in labor. A cinch, I tell you.

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akhughes said...

I am thrilled to hear how merciful God has been to you through this transition time! many transition! I hope the big move to CO goes smoothly and I am sure it will be a huge blessing to use all your stuff again!