Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh baby...

Yesterday was March 30th. Yikes...that means Breck has been with us now for a full two months. How in the world do I already have a 2-month old??? The time has FLOWN! It is no wonder, considering our life circumstances for the past two months. All I can say is PRAISE GOD for a mellow, flexible baby.I mean, look how adorable he is. And look at those cheeks. This kid obviously loves to eat. He also charms us daily with his delicious smiles.
We have spent the past four weeks living at Grandma's house (Chad's mom) ... all five of us in one bedroom ... with a total of four generations in the home. Talk about a lot of people. Abnormal has become our new normal. But, once again, PRAISE GOD ... we are FINALLY moving in to our very own home, after five months of living in other people's homes. Oh, and did you know that you can fit three pack-n-plays into one bedroom? Crazy.
Here is Breck sleeping on the floor, which is a common occurrence around here. With the girls, I was very diligent about always putting them to sleep in their own bed (crib, cradle, or pack-n-play). Before Breck was born, though, I said I wanted a baby who would just sleep anywhere. Little did I know that it would be a matter of necessity, not just convenience. For the most part, Breck is a fine sleeper. He likes to nap on his tummy sometimes, but he also sleeps great at night ... on his back, still swaddled. He does, though, like to eat throughout the night. We seem to be reaching the once-a-night feeding, but that is still not consistent.
He also takes many a naps in the swing and in his carseat. Oh - and of course in arms.
Look at those eyelashes. Yum.


[*B] said...

I really canNOT believe that Breck is already 2 mo. old! where has the time gone?

I am so sad that we missed you guys by mere days when we drove through Kentucky;-(

pgh moms said...

what a sweetie! love those cheeks! wow, I can't imagine all living in one room. I know that will make having your own home again that much sweeter! happy moving. :)

Chastity Gomez said...

LOVE his little red/blue pirate outfit- glad it fits:) He is quite delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Little Chaddywig!!!