Thursday, August 26, 2010


I noticed today that it has been two months since my last post. YIKES. I must say - the days often seem to run together. Most days I forget what day it is. My days are known by who's coming to dinner and what after work appointment/meeting Chad has. Some days seem VERY long. Yesterday was one of those days. A day filled with crying, whining, screaming, sassing, more crying, and more screaming. Then there are the other days. The days when I have so much to do, yet very little gets done. It must be because we lost some hours somewhere along the way.

My house is not as clean as I would like it to be. I have a never-ending special projects list that hasn't changed much since we moved to this house. And meals, well, let's just say they've been a little lackluster. But one thing I babies need me. And if nothing else gets accomplished in my day, at least I will have loved, cared for, and trained my children. I know that it is so much more important for me to have spent time with the kids rather than spending that time cleaning like a madwoman. Seriously, though, who can resist that little munchkin voice saying, "Mom, come sit with me"??? Makes my heart melt. Especially with those cute little piggy-tails.My Juliana is about to turn three. And let me tell you - she is so.very.adorable. Caring. Charming. Girly. Sassy. Hospitable. She is a regular chatty-cathy as well.
And this little impish one....oh, the trouble she finds. Seriously, look at those eyes -- don't you feel the need to pray for us even more? This kid kills me. So funny. So stubborn. So snuggly. So irresistible. She loves to say "I love you," even when unprompted. And what of this charmer? Well, Breckinridge FINALLY sleeps through the night! After six LONG months of no sleep, I am now sleeping through the night as well. It is SO true what they say - each child is different. I'm sure all you baby-wising, schedule loving mommas out there gasped to hear it took so long .... don't worry, I felt the same. But, the first few months of Breck's life were so crazy that I'm surprise he adjusted so well overall. He is a FANTASTIC baby. Loves to cuddle, give hugs, give slobbery kisses. Sits on his now. Sprouting two bottom teeth. Eats like nobody's business. Weighed almost 18 pounds at six months (still 60% for weight and 75% for height). He's definitely a keeper.
Just this week the girls and I were dressing their baby dolls -- with clothes that I wore as a baby and dressed my baby dolls in all throughout my childhood. As I sat in their floor, putting a ruffly dress on one very dirty and worn Cabbage Patch doll, I felt the tears well up in my eyes. As a young girl, I would dress my babies, pretending and dreaming of one day having my own ... all eight of them (yikes! I have downsized that number since then). And here I am, living that dream. Dressing baby dolls with my own baby girls. I am so blessed. So, in spite of the long days and the emotional exhaustion, these days are sacred. God has given me this brief window of time to live the Gospel in front of my kids and shape their lives for eternity. Wow. What a great God.


Chastity Gomez said...

not sure how I missed your new post- it was great! made me realize these moments are fleeting:) When did you change your blog background because we match:) We just have GREAt taste, I guess:)

AnneB said...

beautifully written! I can agree and identify with so much of what you shared...except I don't sit in the floor and dress dolls...I sit in the floor crashing cars!lol I also LOVED your attitude about breck sleeping through the night. I like to tell people that I was by the book (baby-wise) with Titus, near the book with Ezra...and that Simeon wrote his own book:) I think of you often as I care for my 3 little guys!

Erika said...

This was a wonderful post, Mel. I know those long days are so hard (even though you have many more of them than I do, I think).

I am going to add your blog to my blog list so I can keep up on your posts!

The birthday party yesterday was so nice. Thanks for inviting us. Hope Juliana made a good memory!

anne said...

now it's been like 2 months since your last post! What is up with that?!! I need some pictures and an update?! Where are birthday pics!
love and miss you all