Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Goodness

Since this blog seems to go for weeks without any TLC, I thought I would show it some love today. Nothing spectacular, just what's on my mind. I will want to remember these things one day, and I cannot rely on my brain power to keep it stored in an easily accessible place. So here goes. I know you're just dying to know these facts. :)

  • I'm never caught up on laundry. Nor on housework. I just have special tricks to make it seem that way. Some things are WAY more important.
  • I never tire of reading to my kids. Thankfully, they love to read, especially Juliana. It's probably her favorite thing to do. Her fave book - The Jesus Storybook Bible. It is so loved that the covers have fallen off ... and I'm okay with that. Her favorite person right now is Noah. Ask her any Sunday what she learned at church and it's always Noah.
    Dr. Jack Klem would be proud of my OT scholar.
  • I seriously have the most amazing kids. I am so amazed at their little personalities, quirks, and traits.
  • I love being home with my kids. I am so thankful that God allows me this incredible blessing and responsibility. I'm so pathetic ... I miss them even when they're gone for a few hours.
  • If I have errands to run, then we all go. I am too tired to go out at night once they're asleep (plus that's Chad and Melody time), so we go during the day. It's hectic, chaotic, and usually a little stressful, but it's also an adventure. I also count it as valuable training time, for me and them.
  • We actually enjoy taking our kids out to eat with us. They do great at restaurants (most of the time), and almost every time someone stops by our table and remarks on how well-behaved the kids are. This is DEFINITELY a work of grace!
  • Breck has four teeth and a few more coming in. Addie had only two teeth until she was 18 months old.
  • This is the longest I have gone in between kids without being pregnant again. And yes, we would love more. There's just other stuff right now that is not conducive to having a baby (i.e. no maternity insurance).
  • I still use and love cloth diapers. And yep, I still have three (most of the time) in cloth. I have to wash every other day, but I have do laundry anyway so it's no big deal. And no, I never thought Juliana would not get it by now. We have tried EVERYTHING. Addie, on the other hand, just may get it before big sis. I'm okay with that.
  • I hardly ever get a shower every day. Since my little man has decided that he prefers waking by 6:15 every morning, showers have to happen at night or not at all. Good thing he's so stinkin' cute.
Keeping an eye on all three kids every second of the day is impossible. Because of this, Breck has already eaten a band-aid, various pieces of dog food, toilet paper, and various pieces of dirt off my floor.
The little girl who used to never smile for the camera loves to ham it up now.
Addie sporting her black eye. She's a mess.
Hello heart-breaker.


juliechall said...

This was a perfect update! What a bunch of sweeties you have!

Anne said...

love it. Made me laugh...and almost brought some tears to my eye as we think about how quickly these days are passing. I often feel as though I can't soak up enough..even though some days my clothes are saturated with all kinds of nasty remnants:) I think of you and your family often:)