Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Since I failed to write a post for Addie's second birthday, I thought I would write it now. Better late than never, right? This little person has delighted us in so many ways for the past two years. She adds so much spunk and spice to our family! Even though the addition of Addie was a surprise to us, I cannot imagine our lives without her. Here's a quick synopsis of what our crazy gal is to these days:

LOVES her big sister and copies everything she does. Loves Breck, but mostly so when he keeps his distance. Chatters non-stop, but thankfully it is intelligible chatter. Ask her what she's doing, and she will most likely answer, "nofin." Loves to read and be read to. Total girly girl ... loves to carry purses, wear necklaces, wear sunglasses, and wear shoes. Still loves to be held. Daddy's girl. Every morning when she wakes up and walks into our room she has to be carrying something. Still has the tiniest little face, voice, and features. Likes to narrate what she's doing (i.e. "I'm running, mom", "I'm walking," "I'm marching..."). Still loves to eat. Not very picky. Still a very emotional and very sensitive little girl. Doesn't really know a stranger. Loves to make people laugh.

I love seeing my two girls grow to be best friends, and I love seeing their personalities grow and develop. I am constantly amazed at how much I love each one of my kids, and how that love grows and changes. Adeline is our Addie ... our second-born ... our crazy girl.

(For those interested, you can read here birth story HERE)

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kellyH said...

she sounds like so much fun! love the new look and such a beautiful family photo!