Thursday, February 10, 2011


Apparently Juliana is a little list-maker in training. Give her paper and a pen, and she will just sit and make "lists" ... and make up stories to go along with her lists. Today she was sitting on her tricycle making lists, and I heard her say, "Oh, this is great - we have two lists. Dear God, thank you for these great lists. And patience and also safety."

Love her. Can't wait to see how God uses her gifts. And her lists.

Maybe I need to make more lists. After the kids had all been napping for about 45 minutes I remembered I put Addie to bed without a diaper. She is NOT potty-trained for sleep yet. Whoops.


JordanandSue said...

Maybe I need more lists, too! CUTE. And, I hope Addie left a clean bed for you :)

anne said...

Cute :)

...but this blog is being neglected BIG TIME...we need more!