Tuesday, October 17, 2006

fall is here

Fall has arrived, and around our house that mean a lot of apples. This last week, my parents visited us from Colorado, so Melody and I took them apple picking. Our adventure took place at Boyd’s Orchard where we picked apples and raspberries. This is the second time that Melody has gone apple picking this year. Last time she went we ate: apple pancakes, apple pie, apple cake, fried apple pies, fried apples, and apple sauce. Not that I am complaining, but there are a lot of apples to be eaten.

Things in the church plant are moving right along. Paul and I are currently trying to finalize on a building for the church to meet. Currently, we are waiting on a contractor to tell us whether or not he will be able to do the things necessitated by the fire marshal. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance as we continue to pursuit a public meeting place. Really we are waiting until we sign a lease to begin printing any type of literature, so that the address is current.

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dwilson said...

Hey guys - we're praying for your dad. How did the biopsy go?