Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Georgia on my Mind

We had a great time in GA this weekend. Our drive time is now only 6 hours as opposed to the 8 hour trip we were use to making from VA. We had a great visit with family and of course I am very pleased with Tenneessee's 51-33 victory over Georgia.


dwilson said...

oh, Mel, I'm sooooo sorry!=( Although you certainly look happy enough in the picture -- was it $1 beer night or was that while there was still hope?

melodious said...

Yes, Annalisa, I was very sorry as well. It WAS a fun game regardless, although I can't remember at what point we actually took that picture. I think maybe it was after Tenn. was winning, but I was just so happy to be there. How's Lionel?

Sarah said...

Hello Chad! Your wife is beautiful and looks like you guys are having a ball. I heard at one point you are working with Paul Valentine? If so, please say hello to him and Carrie for me!! ~Sarah (Thornberry) Curtis