Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dad and Baby

Thank you for praying for my dad. He is encouraged and strengthened, knowing you all have been praying. His stem cell transplant has gone well so far. It statistically takes 7-10 days for the treatment to begin to work, so pray that his body would accept the new stem cells.
Things here have been going well, as we are now finally able to talk about the baby. Melody has had a cold for the past few weeks, but other than that, her morning sickness is almost gone. Now maybe this is debatable, but we have been getting the pressure from our friends to find out the sex of the baby. The answer is still “no.” If you have any comments, feel free to post.


jeileenbaylor said...

So glad to hear about your dad!

I personally don't know how you can go 9 months without knowing! But this is just me :o)

Dan & Karis Seely said...

I haven't stopped by here in awhile so I just found out today that a new member is going to be joining your family. How exciting! I can't believe you were able to keep the secret for 12 weeks from your family but how fun that you could tell them in person.

We are expecting as well and very excited. Kayla will become a big sister at the end of October so I'm still in the middle of the horrible morning sickness that lasts all day long. Glad that's over for you.

Our opinion is that it is soooo much fun to find out the sex of the baby. You still get a surprise -- just at 20 weeks instead of 40. We loved calling our baby by name for the last half of the pregnancy and it made the way we talked "to her" so much more personalized. I also liked getting girl specific stuff ahead of time at garage sales or as gifts instead of the neutral colors. We're definitely looking forward to the 20 week visit so we can find out again if baby cooperates! Just our opinion for what it's worth.


Mat and Sumi Thomas said...

Our personal opinion on choosing to find out was one it stuck out like a sore thumb, and two it was alot easier to plan for his nursery and clothes knowing what we were having. We may leave it up for a surprise if God willing we have another one :)

Jeremy said...

OK, of course the biggest question of the day is obvious: will the baby become a Bulldog or a Volunteer? I imagine that if "Mom" has her way at the baby shower, it'll be all red and black...!

Chad said...

I think not. Go orange!

melodious said...

Jeremy - When does Melody ever get her way up against Chad??? One thing I have in my favor: grandparents/aunts/uncles who are avid Dawg fans ... they'll be more apt to buy red/black. I guess we're going to have to be the type of parents who raise their kids to like both (how awful!) and then let them decide for themselves once they're older.