Monday, March 12, 2007

Trips Past and Present

Sorry, it has been so long since our last post, a lot has happened since then. We launched our church on February 18th. Although there was snow on that weekend, it was exciting to see who the Lord sent to us. The majority of the visitors that we received on that weekend are still coming. The following weekend, we had Christian artist Dan Meyers here to do a house concert and sing for us on Sunday morning. There were 32 people who came to the house concert, which resulted in a blessing for all who were here. Dan’s ministry seemed to touch the heart of all the age groups in our group.
Last week we were in Colorado. Both Melody and I were able to fly out there to spend time with my dad. He was scheduled to undergo his bone-marrow transplant, but since it was postponed a week, we enjoyed the quality time we had with he and my mom. Please pray for him this week as he has this procedure done. He went into the hospital Saturday and began his chemo. Today will be the toughest part of his treatment as he begins four days of full body radiation.
What was exciting for Mel and I was to finally be able to announce that we are expecting our first child in September. Melody is 12 weeks pregnant!


Busch family said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you guys and your new little one on the way! How exciting! We hope to get out there sometime soon and see you all. We miss you all and the Valentine's. We're praying for your dad. Glad you had an enjoyable time in CO. We were just out there ourselves and really enjoyed our time with family. Please keep us updated on your dad and the pregnancy.
the Busch's

caleb & carmen said...

congrats guys! keep us posted on your dad and the baby!

Mat and Sumi Thomas said...

That rocks!! Way to go Chad! Oh ya, had something to do with it to :) Just kidding, you guys will make amazing parents. Dylan was a special gift to us and we now know you will have one of your own! Congrats!

- Mat and Sumi

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting.

I've been praying for your dad. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Anonymous said...

oops...I forgot the name part. This is from Shanda:)

The Henselers said...

Chad and Mel,

Congratulations! We are so excited for you. Miss and love you!

Ed, Becca and Alexandra

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! We are so excited for you guys. We pray for you guys.

Jason & Rebecca Townsend

jeileenbaylor said...

Yahoooooo!!! about the baby:o) We are so excited for you guys! Praise the Lord for His leading adn provision.

Love ya!
Jules and Tim

Conleys said...

Congratulations! You guys will be great parents. Praise the Lord for this miracle.