Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pray for my dad

Friday I flew from KY to CO because my dad fell down the stairs at home. His cancer treatment has made him pretty weak. The impact of the fall caused bleeding in his brain. The doctors removed part of his skull to relieve pressure from the swelling. He is in stable condition in an induced comma. Pray with us that the Lord would bring him about to a full recovery or simply take him home to heaven. The chances of parallelizes are high, but we know he would rather be with Jesus than live in a vessel that doesn't work. He has verbally told us that he is ready to go whenever the Lord takes him. The past few months he has been sharing the awesome work of Christ in his life to friends, family, and strangers. Pray that we made the right decision to go forward with the surgery to try to save him. Today they will do more tests, but really they are trying to keep him sedated until Monday to allow his body to heal.

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Courtney said...


Courtney and I will be praying for your Dad. I am so sorry to hear about this accident.

I will be in Colorado next week, let me know if there is anything I can do.