Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Busch family said...

You guys kill me. :)

The first picture would be reminiscent of Ross during the episode where Rachel has Emma. I think it's the end of season 8.

The second picture is from the episode "The one where Emma cries" (I'm pretty sure that's the correct title), which I think is at the beginning of season 9. Great Phoebe imitation, guys! Where's the large gorilla?

Hope you all are well. I love the pictures - can't wait to actually see you in person!

anne said...


You crack me up!

I had the same thought as Beth the friends episode with Ross. Too funny Chad. You wierdo! That is definately one for the baby book...way to embarass your child in later years. Poor girl.

And that second picture!
A little presumptuous eh?
Who made the sign? ;)

love it all!

Chad said...

the second pic is a FRIENDS episode as well...i have to admit that I bought the sign after the baby was born and wrote on it, simply to make my wife laugh

anne said...

oh yeah! That is hillarious! And thoughtful of you chad :)

Anonymous said...

FRIENDS Pictures are great. Too funny. I knew what they were as soon as I saw them. Glad you bought the sign instead of sitting in Red paint like Joey. Too Funny.

Watched the Leather Pants episode last night. Still one of my favorites.

Hope things are going well. The princess does need her sunlight.

-Bethanne and Josh

anne said...

well it's out...

I am a little slow on the uptake!

I swear usually I get these things.

"My bologna has a first name it's H-O-M-E-R, my bologna has a second name it's H-O-M-E-R..."

anne said...

I want to know if you said something like this during the labor...

Rachel: ...How many centimeters am I dilated? Eight? Nine?

Dr : Three.

Ross: Just three? I'm dilated three!

Chad said...


I forgot about that line...very funny. No, instead I told Mel, "Do you think we can sneak out of here to get diner? No one will know we are gone."

The Fisk's said...

Laughing to hard...can't type...