Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Juliana

Mel and our midwife Nancy

Coming Home!

A Princess needs her sun

Joey and Juliana hanging out in the sun

Juliana's first bath at home



anne said...

LOVE the one of Mel and Juliana getting ready to go home, her sleeves all rolled up!

too cute.

Christine Sweet said...

oh Mel, you are just radiant and glowing after your fab delivery! I'm so proud of you. I'd love to hear your birth story sometime. Aren't midwives the best?!?!?! Aren't baby GIRLS the best?!?!?! oh, just you wait until she starts strolling her baby doll around the house in her very own stroller and playing with dress up jewelry and make up. Oh yeah, that's Jersey now at just 16 months. Unbelieveably heart melting! :) Tons of blessings upon you and your sweet family of 3! Relish these first weeks. How precious they are.

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

Congrats from the brumbaughs! She looks so sweet...and small...Anne and I could only dream of having a baby that petite!

jeileenbaylor said...

She is just soo beautiful. I am sure that you just loved bringing her home with you :o)

anne said...

Chad, you slacker.