Saturday, October 06, 2007


She may look cute and sweet, but in a matter of moments she can cover you with some sort of mess. I have been initiated into fatherhood. This last week I have been vomited on and pooped on, but we are rolling with the punches. All in all, Juliana has been an ideal baby. She sleeps, eats, poops, and travels, all without crying. I hope I am not setting us up for failure, but she is a very content baby.


jeileenbaylor said...

She is so precious!

jeremy brown said...

Hey Chad, did she go crazy when Tennessee scored all those touchdowns on Georgia today or what? (Sorry, Melody, had to rub it in a little... :)
Then again, maybe she'll become "missional" and help you guys contextualize your ministry by becoming a Wildcat fan!

anne said...

Nah, she is going to be a as for those teenage years...I cannot promise anything.

CRAZY game. Tenn./Georgia. I think I am just not going to mention it.

Love that baby...she is SOOOO cute.

The Fisk's said...

Welcome to Fatherhood! She is so beautiful! We look forward to hearing all your further adventures!