Friday, January 18, 2008

Grove Park Inn Here We Come!

Yesterday, our good friends Tim and Kim called and asked Melody if we would be willing to come to NC to help them with a conference at the Grove Park Inn. We were thrilled that they called and doubly thrilled that this meant we could get away for a night. The Grove Park Inn is a magnificent hotel in the beautiful Smokey Mountains. So we are packing our bags to leave right after church (since I am preaching) on Sunday and come back Monday night.

this will be me

and this will be where I hang out! (j/j)


anne said...

please spare us the picture of you in a robe.

ps- I AM SO JEALOUS! Can she pay for Justin and I to come too! :)

Chad said...

i don't wear robes, but i would find one just to spite you

Luther's Stein said...

looks amazing!