Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Family as Princesses

As stated in the previous post, Chad and I had the opportunity to travel to Asheville, NC this weekend to help with the In Search of a Princess Conference being held at the Grove Park Inn. This was the ministry that I worked for before Chad, so it was so wonderful to be "back in action." Tim and Kimberly are our wonderful friends whom we love dearly, so it was a joy that we were able to help them. Chad and I played tag-team all day Monday with the baby, each of us taking turns with her and taking turns running the conference. I think Chad was a little disappointed that he didn't get to sit in his bathrobe all day, eating bon-bons and getting a pedicure. Poor baby. Although, he was pretty pumped that we met and took a picture with Mrs. North Carolina, Angela Ramsey, who was at the conference as well.

Let me just say, I was VERY nervous about taking Juliana because in the past she has been known to melt-down when she is lacking a full nap and surrounded by lots of people (just ask anyone in our entire church body!). But, God was gracious to us this weekend, and she did AWESOME! Actually, she was pretty much the hit of the party. She hardly cried at all, happily went to all the mommas who wanted to hold her, and smiled at all the pretty girls there! I thought I was already pretty proud as a momma, but I think I'm even prouder now. Juliana is four months old today and continues to get cuter every day (why beat around the bush .... it's true!). We have the best time with her, and I love watching her move through all the new developments. She started laughing out loud before Christmas, but now will get so tickled that she actually squeals and shrieks a little. Our little angel has also learned how to arch her back and throw her head back ... usually when she is mad ... what a drama queen. Last week she rolled over for the first time (tummy to back) and continues to do so sporadically. I think she is such a determined little girl -- stubborn actually -- that she will be going from back to front before we know it. She's still a little peanut ... most of her 3-6 months clothes are still way too big, but she'll get there soon enough. She's such a diva already ... I'm in trouble!


Chad said...

no comments on the robe pic...anne

anne said...

um as for Chad...no comment.

As for Mel, so happy for your brief getaway and a happy baby, or should I say babies. :)

Happy 4 months Juliana!
You are too cute for words.

Anonymous said...

Chad, That robe is soooooooooooo cute. You go boy! Justin