Monday, February 04, 2008


No, we are not pregnant! Just wanted to clarify that from the beginning ... BUT, we did become a family of four last week! Many of you know that last year Chad and I completed our training to become foster/adoptive parents through the state of Kentucky. Our goal has always been to adopt, and this seemed like the best option for us at the time. So ... last Tuesday we received a call of a little girl needing a home, so we said YES.

Shelby is a fifteen-month old, blonde-hair, blue-eyed cutie! It is so funny to see her and Juliana together! They love each other already and smile so big when the other wakes up. I will admit, it has been fun having two girls (although I think Chad is overwhelmed by all the girl hormones!). Adjusting to two has not been as difficult as I thought it would be. Juliana is just so awesome that she has made it easy to make this transition. I am not happy though about having another dirty diaper to change ... yuk!

When we were first presented with this situation, it seemed as though this would be a long-term placement leading to adoption. Now they are telling us it will be more short-term. We want to love and minister to Shelby, but feel pulled at this point -- short term foster care is simply not a good fit for us at this point in our lives. We know that God's perfect will is orchestrating all these events -- we just pray that we will act wisely and that He will continue to give strength as it is needed.


jeileenbaylor said...

What an opportunity to minister! Good for you guys :o) Tim and I have always thought about doing that too.

Scott, Courtney, Elliott and Owen said...

WOW! We will be praying for you all, all 4 that is! We will be excited to see what God does in this situation.