Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Life

2008 is already keeping the Mondragon household humming! Now that the holidays are over, life is settling back into a routine, busy as it may be. Chad is still working at Starbucks -- he opens (5 am) 4-5 days out of the week. Ironically, this is supposed to be his part-time job! Of course, along with the church work and all the home projects, he is one busy man -- he is actually remodeling the basement as I type! Me -- I rejoice on the days when I manage to take care of Juliana's needs, help her develop physically and cognitively, make sure we have food to eat, make sure Joey has food to eat, make sure we have clothes to wear, and make sure we have a tidy home to enjoy. Some days I am extra industrious and manage to grade papers ahead of time or work on a special project, such as cleaning out Chad's clothes.

We praise God that the church is keeping us busier these days! Next month will be our one-year anniversary ... we cannot believe it! Sunday morning attendance averages anywhere between 40-50 people (unless you ask Chad, then it is 50-60). We also have a community group in our home each Wednesday night. Chad is teaching through Ephesians, and about 15-20 people attend ... we love our group!!!

Juliana is absolutely amazing, of course. I cannot get enough of her (well, most days I can't). Each day she is changing in some way and learning something new. Just this week she has found her thumb!!! She would take a pacifier occasionally, but only when she was going down for sleep. Now, though, if she wakes up early from a nap, I don't have to go in to keep giving her a paci ... she takes care of herself! Today she has been blowing bubbles all day ... pretty cute, but also a little gross. We are actually working on learning to sit-up now -- she thinks she is such a big girl already that she doesn't like to recline for her bath anymore. No, Juliana thinks she needs to be sitting up, which creates more work and more backache for me!

I am trying to be diligent in praying Scripture over Juliana -- I am currently trying to read through and pray through Psalm 119 for her life. I know that if I equip her with the Word, I am giving her something much more valuable than giving her the best clothes, books, toys, etc. I am also painfully aware of my own need to be saturated in the Scriptures. The demands of everyday life reveal my weaknesses more than a major crisis ... it's amazing how I allow my attitude to be tainted when Juliana wakes up early from a nap. I desire that the glorious Gospel of Christ would consume my every action and thought ... consume me more than thoughts of my husband or my daughter, my church or my friends.


robertlhall said...

That is crazy that its been a year already. Great to hear the updates, especially about the church. Your ministry is exciting and makes me crave the time when Julie and I will be able to be involved in this type of thing. God's timing though...

anne said...

Hooray for cutie patootie Juliana!
It has been such a joy to watch you as a Mom, Melody...truly. It has helped me as a Mother and you are such an encouragement!
Your last line...good for me to hear of course. I know I get so consumed with my emotions, effecting my thoughts and actions when instead I should be reflecting on the cross, the good news of seeing and savoring Christ!!'
Love your updates, because even though we see you guys several times a week it is good to see your throughts written down and definately are an encouragement to me.