Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 1

It's 3 am on day 1 of our trip to Colorado. Somehow, already, this trip is not going well and we haven't even left yet. It all began yesterday when I woke with a pretty awful headache, questionable stomach, and a baby who decided to throw her schedule out the window for a day. A fine day to choose to be even more of a momma's girl! Let's just say this did not help my head feel any better, so by the end of the day it is pounding.

We drop Joey off at the neighbor's right before 10, make it to bed at 10:30, and set our alarms for 3:30 AM. That's right, AM! I am awake when Friends comes on at 11, but fall asleep shortly thereafter. 12:45 am -- I awake for the first time and notice that the nightly chorus of snoring has started. Nice. After a kick and a *gentle* shove, I am able to return to my slumber. 1:30 am -- same scenario, except this time I hear Juliana hitting her crib toy. 2:17 am, and yes, I am awake again. My head is still hurting, my stomach is churning, the nightly chorus continues, and now all I can think about is handling a 2.5 hour flight on no sleep, with a baby who won't sleep unless she's in a bed or moving carseat. The clock keeps ticking, and now I am done with gentle pushes in order to stop the snoring. I wonder if Chad would notice if I simply pushed him out of bed. My luck, he would probably really hurt himself on the way down. At this point, I decide I should nurse Juliana right before we leave the house at 4:30 in order to give us enough time at the airport (instead of waiting until we arrive there) and so that her next feeding would coincide with take-off. This means getting up before 3:30 ... good thing I'm awake already.


Busch family said...

Hi Mel! I hope and pray that you are feeling much better now and having a wonderful time. How did Juliana do on the flight? We'll be missing you guys while you're there, but I hope you have a wonderful time! I'll be praying specifically for your flight home and that things go well with Juliana's schedule while you're there. I know that that can be such a stressful thing when you're on vacation.
PS - It's good to know that I'm not alone in suffering the occasional temptation to kick someone out of bed!

anne said...

I'm so glad that Juliana did so well on the flight!! We miss you guys and can't wait for you to come home!
ET phone home!
ps- Maybe Uncle Leory has an extra pair of jean shorts he could lend to Justin this summer :) heehee!