Thursday, July 31, 2008

10 months

We have been in full swing around here since our trip to CO, and I am much overdue in posting! I think everyone has given up on us putting any new posts ... oh well. Anne -- you can be my inspiration to do more!!!

I can't even believe our sweet baby girl is already 10 months old! She is such a busy person these days, with so much to say and do. I never posted her 9-month stats, but at her check-up she weighed 15 lbs, 14 oz, and her height was the same (they actually measured 3 times just to make sure!). She's so petite and adorable -- at least I'm not having to buy new clothes all the time since she's not really outgrowing anything. She does eat a ton, however. I'm not sure where it's all going -- but she loves her food. She especially loves her finger foods, although I think she's beginning to grasp how to slip some to Joey ... lucky dog ... apparently he also enjoys Cheerios, peas, cheese, carrots, and all fruits.

Juliana is very social and loves to be around people, especially all her little friends at church. She loves to wave (sometimes at complete strangers) and is fascinated by her new skill of clapping. I just love it because when I do it back, she thinks I'm absolutely hilarious. She is definitely a mover, once she figured it out. This week she learned how to go up the stairs ... scary! We're expecting her to take her first steps any day now ... she's tried a few times, but lands on her bottom. Juliana Piper is such a love -- my heart literally melts every morning when I go get her up.

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anne said...

Do my eyes decieve me???!!! Another post from the Mondragons...and just over the span of a month...not bad...I've seen worse.
Know this...I will always be a faithful reader!! :)
We love Juliana, and cannot WAIT to meet the newest Mondragon this fall/winter or whenever that child is really due :)
Yay for an update...and just think when we are old and grey and in the nursing home together we can spend all day reading old blog posts...and cry about the good ole days :)
love you guys