Wednesday, February 18, 2009

she's a lover

This video is evidence. There's no hiding it. She's obsessed. Juliana is a lover. The love that she shows Addie in this video is the same love every child and baby at our church is so *blessed* to receive.

Juliana pretty much ALWAYS acts this way around her baby sister ... so stinkin' sweet and adorable. I can only hope and pray she still loves her this much in a year.

BUT, she doesn't just act this way with Addie. Case in point: Sunday night in the nursery. Juliana and her BFF Evan were already sitting together on the picnic table enjoying a little snack. I turn my back for a minute, and when I look back, Juliana has scooted herself RIGHT UP to Evan and is now STROKING his hair. That's right - she was stroking his hair. And he took it.

I am in TROUBLE.

Oh yeah, here's another peek at sweet baby sister.


Stephen and Nikki said...

What a small world! We live in Lexington as well. My husband is attending Southern, we just moved here this year. My husband is a youth minister at Gardenside Baptist. We would love to get together with you guys somtime. We haven't met many couples here. Send me an e-mail if you are interested and we will set up a time to meet! I'm sure our husbands will have lots to talk about!

jeileenbaylor said...

Sooo sweet those two girls!

Curlyqfun said...

OMG - Ellia does the same thing to our Addie. She not only wants to kiss her but hug her too. I tell everyone that Addie is the most loved baby sister in the world.
And I love that you dress them alike - I do the same too! ;o)

Bethanne M said...

The pictures and videos are even more precious now that I met your girls. I miss them so much and often think about their laugh, giggles and smiles. They are so lovable. I really miss Juliana following me around. I didn't think I would get so attached.

Anneke said...