Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Times

I LOVE Easter. I LOVE celebrating the culmination of Christ's life here on Earth. I LOVE singing about the Resurrection. I LOVE dressing up. And I definitely LOVE coloring Easter eggs. All of this has magnified since having the girls. Sure, I do love dressing up my girls in all their girly glory. But as a mom, focusing on and talking about Christ's death and Resurrection surely takes the cake. I feel tremendous responsibility to teach my girls how incredibly special this day is. How incredibly sinful we are. And how incredibly merciful God is.

This Easter turned out a lot different than I anticipated. I was so stoked to get the girls dressed and to church on time. They were picture perfect of course. I noted, though, that Juliana woke up in a foul mood. She was definitely off -- real clingy and cuddly -- so not like her, especially at church. Chad and I had decided to take her in for the music portion of the worship service.

All was going well, and I was getting proud. Juliana was so quiet while I held her; in fact, she almost went to sleep. Then, it happened. I noticed she wasn't looking so good ... then stuff started coming out of her mouth. I quickly made an exit to the back (of course I had chosen THIS day to sit towards the front). We made it to the back trash can just in time ... if you know what I mean. We exited out to find the bathroom, trash can in tow. Let's just say that at this point both Juliana and I were, um, *dirty.*

So, I let the moment pass, retrieved my sleeping Addie from the nursery, and went home with the girls. On Easter. Before the message. All by myself. Covered in *yuk.* So, we have no Easter pictures so far, but rest assured, this mama will be playing dress up the first chance I get. And yes, I still worshipped my Savior. I still marveled at His gift. It was a special day.


Michael, Nina, Emma & Elliot said...

Oh, my! I'm so sorry that Juliana got sick on such a special day- my heart goes out to you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the importance of teaching our children what this day is all about. Holidays are a lot different with kids, and it's easy to get swept away with all the fun stuff. May we never forget Christ's amazing sacrifice, grace and love! Hope everyone else stays well... I'll stay posted to see those girlys all dressed up pretty :)

Curlyqfun said...

Ohh, that is so sad about Easter Morning! I too love Easter.

If it makes you feel better I do not have pictures of our oldest, Ellia in her Easter dress. She was in a foul mood & would not take pictures. So I have a few of Addie - minus big sister.