Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The scoop

Well, I said I would update on the whole cloth diaper scenario ... so here goes. I love it. Really. I must be crazy.

So far I have been tremendously pleased with the experience. The only ones I'm trying right now are Thirsties and Bum Genius. They are both all-in-ones ... no diapers and covers for me (at least not yet). The Bum Genius are one size, so they're pretty bulky on Addie. They definitely wouldn't work on a Mondragon newborn ... little peanuts. I've had a few kinks to work out -- like how to give my tummy sleeper more absorbency where she needs it. I haven't made the switch at nighttime yet, but we're working up to it. And I also am NOT taking them on our trip to Virginia Beach next week -- hello, I am not that crazy.
The new diapers definitely make the girls' clothing fit differently, so I do have to take that into consideration. (I don't have any cute pics yet of the diapers on, but the one above shows how it makes Juliana's pants fit) I will say, though, I love the colors! I actually matched Juliana's diaper Sunday night to her outfit ... yes, I am that pathetic. The other aspect I was concerned about was the laundry, but honestly it has not been too bad. It really hasn't added more work -- just a few extra minutes to put everything in and mash the buttons.
My motivation for this was simple -- save us some money! Juliana is showing signs that she's ready to potty train, but until then, buying diapers for two is expensive! I can appreciate the environmental benefit, but we're going green in another capacity ... more green in the bank!
Okay, so I couldn't resist adding these pictures of the girls -- they are too precious!


allison said...

Matching underwear to your outfit is most definitely NOT crazy!!

Yay for the cloth diapers!! :)

Carol Schneider said...

Have you been to MckMama blog. Her baby is in picu with terrible heart trouble. There is a button to link your blog to for Praying for Baby Stellan.

anne said...

Um...you DON't match your undies to your outfit?!

1. the girlies are TOO cute.
2. you converted (well...I guess techinacally a half-convert) me!
3. I'm liking the (somewhat) consistant posting going on these days. :)

Stephen and Nikki said...

I just ordered 18 bumgenious! I can't wait!

Curlyqfun said...

Wow I am impressed! I have often thought about cloth diapers - cause you're right 2 in diapers is expensive. Even when you buy them at daddy's work (Costco)
Ellia too is showing signs of potty training - we are starting to work on it full time next week. Who know's maybe it will work at 18months.
And don't you match your undies?? I know I do sometimes & my bra's. I feel somehow more pretty...It's strange.

Jordan and Sue said...

That's so great to hear! It's always fun to read about others trying out cloth... it's not near as bad as I expected, either. The pictures you posted are ADORABLE, too! - Sue :)