Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mr. Breck

My goodness, but my son is already four months old! My mind is having trouble fathoming that. Time just keeps right on slipping by. Being a third (and a third in 2.5 yrs) puts poor Breck at a disadvantage. His parents do not have the time to take pictures all day, get them developed, chronicle his every move, and so on and so on ... sometimes it is hard to remember when we did all that for Juliana. Also, because of our move and change of insurance, Breck never went for a two month check-up. So, for today, Breckinridge gets his own post. And as I am continually sleep-deprived, hence emotional, I feel quite sentimental tonight.

Things I love about this boy:
  • His incredibly soft, perfectly tan skin
  • His big brown eyes that light up when he sees me (or anyone else, but for me the most!)
  • How he laughs at his big sisters, sometimes for no reason, other than the sheer adoration he has for them.
  • He takes a pacifier, but will pretty much suck on anything he can (i.e. thumb, finger, toy, bib, etc.).
  • He is a TERRIFIC sleeper during the day -- he will sleep on his tummy or his back. He doesn't have to cry much to go to sleep (thank you, Mr. Pacifier!).
  • How he curls up his knees under his stomach when he sleeps.
  • How incredibly sweet and snuggly he is.
  • How content he is.
  • How much I see his daddy in him.
  • How much he looks like his Grandpa.
  • Did I mention how incredibly sweet he is???
  • How he is, in every way, exactly what I needed during this phase of life.
Not so favorite things right now:
  • Night-waking. Ugh. Four months already. That's probably all, at least for now. But it is enough. I am having some difficulty making enough of what he needs, so we are trying out some different options. And praying. A LOT. Mama needs sleep.
Four Month Stats:
  • He weighed 15 lbs, 6 oz (60th percentile)
  • Measures 26 inches (75th percentile)
  • His head, as we knew it would be, measured 75th percentile.
  • He is my chubbiest baby so far, but still isn't off the charts.

Big Achievements:
  • He is a rolling machine! This has also disrupted his night-time sleep, but as with all new phases, it will pass.
  • Loves to talk, and loves to laugh.
  • Can actually hold a toy and bring it to his mouth (of course).
  • Somehow, he scoots all over his crib. I think because he pulls his legs up under him when he sleeps, he is able to move. He can also do a 180 degree turn in the crib. Not sure how, but it freaks me out when I go get him and his head is facing the exact opposite direction.
  • Has tried cereal and loves it. Poor hungry boy!
Our lives were pretty much chaotic before his entrance into the world and for the first few months of his life. Even his birth was a little out of the ordinary. But, Breckinridge fits so perfectly in our lives, and I cannot wait to see God's plan for His life unfold. Oh, how I pray that he will love God and serve Him. I also pray that he will have the character and the strength of his daddy. Breck, we love you so so much -- how I thank my God for you.


Chastity Gomez said...

Such a beautiful post and the new blog look is awesome! We love little Breck too and I am s glad we get to be part of his growing up years:)

Anonymous said...

The pic at the bottom is awesome!!! He is probably squinting because of the sun but it looks like he is about to bring the hammer of justice :)

anne said...

I can't believe how big he is already either!!!! He is HUGE compared to the girls too...but my boys fat heads have him beat, Liam at his 18 mo. appot. was in the wonder I can't get ANY shirts off of his head.
MISS YOUG UGYS SO MUCH. A lot of sadness yesterday. GAH.