Thursday, December 02, 2010


It happened. Mr. Breck is 10 months old. That's right, TEN months. What in the world? I don't know what happened to my little baby, but that little baby will soon hit the one year mark. Here are few highlights of the many happenings in his little life.
Loves to laugh. Loves to eat ... will try anything. Definitely ready to move on to big boy finger foods more if only his lazy mama would fix more for him. Has five teeth and more coming. One word: FAST. Likes to stand, cruise around, and walk with assistance (Note: I am NOT in a hurry for the walking to come). Definitely a mama's boy. LOVES Juliana. Loves to bug Addie. Hasn't gotten the hang of any cool tricks (waving, clapping, signing), but we keep working on it. Thinks it's hilarious when you tell him "no." Loves the Christmas tree. Still gets up to eat before 6:30, but lately has been going back to sleep right after for another 2 hours. Only bottles now for my big boy (insert sad face). LOVE HIM.
Caught in the act.
Helping pull out decorations.


Chastity Gomez said...

LOVE your new blog look and LOve your little man:)

anne said...

Aw...this is so sweet
Way a sweet little man...miss u all, in case u forgot.