Wednesday, February 02, 2011


ince we've been stuck inside the past two days due to insanely cold temps, I decided to take a few videos of the kiddos ... you know, since I'm sure you're dying to know how we spend the day. My girls are very girly girls ... into purses, dress-up, babies, the whole shin-dig. BUT ... they LOVE to wrestle. Addie kills me ... she loves to go up and tackle Juj. Besides, who can resist their giggles? And Breck seems to enjoy it, but I have the feeling soon he will be the one tackling the girls.

In other news, I think Breck is officially a walker. All this week, especially today, the little man prefers to walk across a room instead of crawling. I just don't know that this kid can get any cuter.

Right now our guest bath upstairs is filled with miniature toilets. Yep, I finally have two girls who know how to use those nifty little contraptions I've had for far too long now. Still haven't mastered no. 2, but hey, I'll take whatever I can get at this point. Juliana wears her big girl underwear for naps and night ... no accidents! Little miss Addie - not quite yet. But I love that they are doing this together. Juliana is so motherly - she will insist on taking and helping Addie use the toilet (she even wants to help wipe!).

Speaking of my firstborn, she has a HUGE heart. I catch her putting her arm around Addie all the time, talking to her, and helping her in any way. She tells me all the time, "Addie is my sister and I love her." If anyone is sick, she will freely say, "I hope you feel better" - with no prompting. And since we learned the Bible verse "Blessed are the peacemakers" she has been telling me all day that she and Addie were being peacemakers (if only that were true). Love her.

I made some incredibly tasty protein bars this week. Truly delish and so healthy. But I also made a coffee cake tonight for our ladies' coffee tomorrow. Not quite so healthy, but so yummy. In fact, I think I'll have a piece tonight. It's been that kind of a day, anyway.


kellyH said...

I love to hear how sweet Juliana is! at least you were able to go 2-for-1 in the potty training and I am sure they were good cheerleaders for each other!

JordanandSue said...

That is so cute! The way Elyse is taking her jolly time, she and Em just might train together, too :) Potties everywhere!