Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Over the Rainbow

Since the girls' birthdays are only 1 month apart, this year we (meaning the pregnant mama) decided to have one combined party for both. They're still young enough to like the same things (Addie basically loves whatever Juliana says) and they still have the same friends, so why not? I must say, this was a genius idea on my part. A lot of chaos for one a few days, but at least I only had to do it once.
We've never gone overboard with themes and such, but I like to have *something* to base everything on. This year Juliana and I decided we wanted a rainbow party. I have seen pictures online (thank you, Pinterest!) and knew I wouldn't be doing anything as extravagant, but I was very happy with the outcome ... and I think the girls loved it too!
My parents were able to fly out to help with the party prep and big event ... could NOT have done it without them!

Present time was a *little* chaotic. Addie was a little slow in opening presents, but EVERY present she opened evoked giggles and squeals. It was PRICELESS.
***On a pregnancy related note: I HATE belly shots, but for those of you out there who care, this is about as good as you'll get (especially this time around). I was 31 weeks in these pictures, and the belly continues to grow.

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cranny + b said...

I love this party! Beautifully done, mama--hope you are feeling well!