Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get Real...

Shortly after Chad and I were married, I remember telling a friend that I never knew how selfish I really was ... until I got married. Nothing like matrimony to bring out the best in you. Now that was a fun lesson learned -- yeah right. Everybody just loves to see their own selfishness. Fast forward a few years ... no, I am not completely selfless, but at least I now recognize my selfish tendencies and can deal with them appropriately. But now... now I am faced with a new challenge. My own incompetency. Becoming a mother has made me realize, well, what an absolute mess I actually am. I tire of pretending that I am anything else, so here is me being real. Really real.
  • I would drink coffee ALL DAY if I could. I only drink hot cocoa and hot tea when I've already had too much coffee.
  • I am still scared of the dark.
  • I leave clothes in the dyer until I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to take them out. Then they probably sit in the basket for a few more days. And, I don't iron our clothes before I put them away.
  • I do love the IDEA of eating all-natural, organic, and healthy all the time. But I don't think fish sticks, corn dogs, and ramen noodles fall into that category. I LOVE ramen noodles.
  • I do not know the best way to clean tile grout. Which explains why the tile grout in my shower is never clean.
  • I am still a nerd at my core -- I love reading, learning, and even writing papers. I would love to get a Ph.D one day.
  • I once used Pledge on our wooden stairs in our condo in Virginia. I thought it was a great idea and would keep me from having to clean them so often ... until Chad almost died falling down them because they were so slick. NOT a good idea after all.
  • In spite of being a "pastor's wife," I am not an overly compassionate and merciful person by nature. I prefer the "Get real and grow up" method of counseling.
  • I have the world's smallest toenails. Seriously. And it appears Juliana has inherited them.
  • I actually asked the pediatrician if Juliana had some sort of vitamin deficiency, which would explain the lack of bountiful hair on her head. I'm that vain.
  • I love being pregnant. I love laboring and birthing my babies, without meds. The whole thing fascinates me.
  • I actually love watching tv. I can also tell you what programs are on at any given time during the hours of 12-5 am. Insomnia loves me.
  • I sometimes still get really annoyed by screaming kids. Too much noise bothers me.
  • I have only taken both girls out by myself a handful of times. And I use the *cold weather* as an excuse, when in reality I don't feel like managing two babies in the grocery store.
  • My desk pretty much stays cluttered and chaotic. A messy desk is my vice.
  • Chad makes the bed better than me. But I don't even care. I can now admit this and it doesn't bother me.
  • I take my wedding ring off to sleep, and most days I forget to put it back on.
  • I do NOT like to be crowded when I sleep. We have a "no touch" rule in our bed. Except when I let Addie stay in bed after her 4 am feeding.
  • I get embarrassed when my babies cry a lot in front of others. I also get embarrassed when their outfits are "not just right."
I know I could go on and on, but I know I need to save some face. Every other area of my life is perfect and put together. And so I dedicate this post to the rest of you who have such perfect lives. Now I'm going to go feed my toddler enchiladas while my newborn entertains herself.


Curlyqfun said...

Oh My Gravy - I can totally relate to many of these and this post has inspired me to be real too. Look for mine shortly.
I love how blogs connect people to one another.
Adeline was our 2nd choice of names for our little Adilynn.

After reading through we do have a lot of similarities. Our Addie sleeps on her tummy during the day - not at night...Yet. She too is the sweetest most perfect baby during the day....and then 4pm hits. And she too tricks me and becomes a fussy, crying, nothing can soothe me baby. Very much a high needs baby.

I will have to check in with you from time to time - it's very cool to have a lot in common with someone in a world away. And that you are Christian makes it even better.

Thanks for commenting & getting in touch with me.

Have a wonderful evening and weekend.

jeileenbaylor said...

haha -again - so encouraging! Too many moms act like their lives are just perfect! It leaves you wondering if you are the only one with these weird/crazy/selfish feelings and actions. I am so far from perfect and it is so nice to hear someone else that is willing to share and even be humorous about it :)