Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet Blessings

Yesterday I had the privilege of finally meeting sweet baby Emma Wilson. She is, without a doubt, a true gift from God and a miracle. Her parents, Rob and Dana, have been faithfully attending our church, and we have grown to love them tremendously. Dana faced some complications late in her pregnancy and was in and out of the hospital for several weeks. The doctors tried to keep Emma in as long as possible, and she finally was born about 3.5 weeks early. Then, when she was two weeks old, she was hospitalized with a severe case of RSV, which at one point involved her being intubated. She is now home and doing much better, praise God!

It is during such times that we have seen the Body of Christ act like the Body of Christ. The people at Providence have surrounded them with unceasing prayers and steadfast love. We have seen God answer the prayers of His people! It is so heart-wrenching to see our friends experience such a difficult trial, but I am so thankful that God has shown Himself to this precious family during this difficulty. I am so thankful for the blessing of the Body of Christ, especially the body here at Providence Community.

Here is another one of life's sweetest blessings ... Adeline Carmichael.
Since my last post about Addie, we have experienced a dramatic change in the Mondragon household. At her two-month check-up (weighing in at 11 lbs even), our lovely pediatrician prescribed Zantac ... and that has made all the difference! We feel like we have a completely different baby now. Addie is the sweetest, most cheerful baby (at least most of the time ... she's still not perfect). Her smiles and giggles keep us laughing, and it is hard to resist snuggling her! On a side note, Juliana finally passed the 5th percentile at her 15 month check-up ... she weighed in at 19 lbs, 8 0z (with clothes) and is now hovering between the 5th and 10th percentile!

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~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

I love what you wrote about seeing the Body of Christ act like the Body of Christ. I've been thinking I want a bumper sticker that says: 'Be the Church'.