Monday, March 16, 2009

my days

This week....

  • Upon receiving *correction* for throwing a fit and throwing her cup down, Juliana promptly picked up her cup when told, walked over, and threw it in the trashcan. Ah, obedience.
  • I walked back in the downstairs living room to find Juliana SITTING on top of Addie. Yes, sitting.
  • Before church on Sunday, Juliana found a cup she stashed in her toy drawer. She took a big drink. Curdled soymilk. Yum.
  • Juliana tried to cover Addie with a blanket ... on her face.
  • Juliana tried to put her baby to bed in Addie's cradle. Addie was already in the cradle. Let's just say lots of crying ensued.
  • Juliana learned how to take off her shoes AND socks in the car.
  • Tonight Juliana tried to stand up in the Baby Papasan...with Addie in it.
  • Juliana helped herself to a snack. Out of the trashcan.
Notice a trend here? Let's just say we have definitely entered a new realm of parenting = the toddler. We are in an intense time of *instruction* and *correction* for sure. And this mama begs God daily for wisdom, grace, and patience.

This is also the week we started using cloth diapers! So far it's going great, but we (actually just me - I had to make a deal with Chad that he wouldn't have to change any if he let me switch) are just beginning! I'll post more on it once I get a little more experience...

Our girls are such charmers! Addie has charmed her parents with lots of sleep, giggles, smiles, coos, and cuddles. Juliana has charmed us by -- well, I think you get the picture.


carol schneider said...

so funny. Ahhh I remember when.....

Now he is almost 15

Anneke said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I don't know if I'll have any patience left after Shiloh. :)

Curlyqfun said...

I feel your pain. Ellia is in the same stage. It's lovely, huh? She tried to feed our Addie applesauce the other day & crammed a cracker in her mouth the other day. She just wants Addie to be big I think. Glad I'm not the only one trying to survive the Toddler.

Our Addie is just so stinkin cute too! So much coo'ing and talking. Laughing & smiling - I love this age.