Thursday, March 12, 2009

The New Calvinism

The Reformed journey, as I chose to call it, has been a discovery in my life that has brought more clarity and conviction to the Scriptures. It is a journey that I did not choose, but discovered (or maybe it chose me?). It has never been forced or too systematic, in fact my previous convictions cautioned me to stay away from it.

I can remember back to the first time I went to hear John Piper speak. I went as a critic, pessimistic about the popularity of one man’s ability to speak about the gospel. But I came away amazed, not at his speaking ability, but amazed at the way the Scripture connected to my life. Over and over again, I could tell stories about things closely connected to Calvinism that I dismissed or treated in a pessimistic way, only to be rebuked by the Spirit and convicted by the Scriptures. Yes, Jonathan Edwards is my homeboy!

The teaching of God’s sovereignty in Scripture has opened up my understanding of the perfect plan of promise being revealed from Genesis to Revelation. It is the promise of God’s sovereignty that has helped me most to cope with the suffering and loss in my life. It is that sovereignty that makes me see the world as needy of Christ’s promise. It is that sovereignty which establishes my purpose on this earth as a follower of Christ.

Is it no wonder that Time magazine has named “The New Calvinism” as #3 of the Top 10 Ideas Changing the World. It has changed my life, ministry, family, and purpose completely. I stand amongst a small group of other reformed believers, but in the shadows of great thinkers such as Edwards, Spurgeon, and Calvin. And we look forward, toward the reform of the church, where the gospel is no longer a watered-down emotional speech. But like Peter in the book of Acts, we can stand with conviction that God is sovereign, the gospel has been his perfect plan since creation, and your acceptance and denial of it is not based upon human reason, but on God’s sovereign will.


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