Monday, March 02, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday!

Well, here we go again. Time for a little honesty and a microcosm of our crazy life. Relax, enjoy a cup of joe, and be thankful you are SO NOT like me! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week was NOT the busiest we've had since Addie has been born. It did NOT result in me wanting to pull the covers over my head this weekend and never get up. Oh no -- I have boundless energy.

This week I did NOT attempt to take both girls to lunch to meet a friend, and it was NOT at the busiest lunch hour. Of course girls behaved beautifully -- they did NOT both need me at the same time. The woman ringing me up at Chick-fil-A did NOT reach out and grab my daughter's arm (when she thought she might be reaching for a display). I did NOT want to reach back out and strangle her.

While holding Juliana because there were NO high chairs, I did NOT look down to find that she was indeed helping herself to MY nuggets. I mean, why would she want to eat nuggets when she had apples, sweet potato fries, and almond butter bread???????

Once she was finally in a high chair, she did NOT dump over her entire plate of food while I was holding Addie, who was NOT crying. And of course this was NOT the only food I had for her, and it was NOT at the beginning of the meal. My poor friend, whose little newborn was sleeping BEAUTIFULLY in a sling, had NO IDEA what she was getting into.

Of course, I was not stressed because I only had two nuggets left to share between the two of us. We both did NOT leave starving and did NOT come home and eat again. What pigs. Surely I am NOT that cheap where I refused to spend more money so we could both have more to eat. Not me!

Finally, late Friday night I did NOT realize that I had forgotten to bring down pjs for Addie. So, I did NOT find a pair on the floor and simply put those on. And, in the morning, I did NOT discover that Addie had a blowout in those pjs. Good thing this did NOT happen -- gross.


Curlyqfun said...

OMG those were great. Especially the last one about the pjs.
I LOVE chic-fil-A!!!!

carma said...

Sounds like a fun day :-) (or not!)

Karis said...

Love it!

Here's my version of yesterday. My three year old did not stick a peanut up her nose right before we were supposed to go to French class. She did not try to get it out herself without telling us what she had done pushing it up high. Once we figured out why her finger was in her nose, she did not refuse to let us get it out with tweezers. She did not cry making it go up higher. She did not fight with the first doctor we took her to see when the doctor had to put the instrument high up in her nose. She was not too strong for four adults to hold her still as she panicked (we had already tried the talking it out phase). We did not get referred to a specialist across town for our "issue" (yep, we found out they have specialists here in Cameroon -- this one was like a ENT). Kayla did not fight the second doctor just like she had the first, scared of the un-natural feeling of something going up in her nose. We did not make the decision that she was going to have to be sedated so we could take care of this. We did not have to do all this for the most part in French although thankfully both doctors did speak some English. Kayla did not end up being knocked out from an injection in her backside just so the peanut could be extracted. We did not have this divine interruption that ended up taking eight hours of our day yesterday!